Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heard at the Water Cooler

Just a couple things I heard... er, read... while floating about the internet yesterday.

Lauren Panepinto, over at Orbit Books, released the cover for The Neon Court by Kate Griffin. She had this to say. Nice looking cover. Very static-y! Bzzt!!

The Neon Court is the 3rd book in the The Matthew Swift Series, behind A Madness of Angels, and The Midnight Mayor (which was just released). Neon is due out in hardcover in March 2011.


Jonathan Oliver, at Solaris Books, announced two new commissions.

The first is two novels from James Lovegrove for "...Redlaw, a science-fiction, vampire tale that promises to be dark, compelling and exciting; and Dust, an apocalyptic science-fiction story on a grand scale."

The second is Gary McMahon, for The Concrete Grove, the first book in "...a horror/urban-fantasy trilogy."

I can see Raine getting all excited about new scary stuff to read.


Fans of Guy Gavriel Kay should note a couple of interesting posts.

The Speculative Scotsman (that's such a cool name for a blog) did a nice article on GGK's recent cover art.

And Pat, (Pat's Fantasy Hotlist), shared some news regarding GGK's Under Heaven, here. I admit I followed the links to Guy's blog about the "behind the scenes" from his writer's desk. Interesting, to say the least.

That's all for this post. Just a few things I found interesting yesterday, thought I'd share. Good hunting.

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