Monday, April 11, 2011

New GRRM Interview

I am, as well as the rest of the fantasy bloggers, in an absolute tizzy/squee mode about HBO's upcoming Thrones series.

My reasons are different, though. As many, I am a fan of George R. R. Martin. The complexity of his plot, his lush prose, the characters (love them, hate them) - but most of all?

It's for ADULTS. This is the draw, to me. I read Lord of the Rings as a child, and was thrilled with the depth and lore and richness of Middle Earth. And the fantasy tropes and creatures - those are fun, the stuff of my gaming from childhood into adulthood. Swords and magic and orcs, oh my!

But now that I'm an adult, for my imagination to be compelled, I need more.
Can fantasy fans deal with murder and incest? I think so. HBO will make it appealing. Can people who thought that all fantasy was bad CGI Dragons, bad costumes and furry feet be drawn into the depth and complexity of the events within Westeros? I'm hoping, for reasons that I'll likely mention a thousand times here and there.

Six more days...
Enjoy the interview (as seen on GRRM's blog, here.)

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  1. It's new to me.... but I'll be watching too!! Am very excited... even my 19 yr old daughter is anxious for it to begin, she asked last night if it had begun! Thanks for turning me onto it :)


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