Friday, January 13, 2012

Writing Journal: 1/13/2012

It wasn't a productive week, I'm afraid. I've had a sinus migraine for the better part of the last two weeks, adjusting to a new sleep schedule and hammering out some domestic issues.

It's arguable that, in so many words, if I can make excuses now, then I'm an amateur writer. Butt in seat, and all that. Yes? Yes. However, one doesn't put a roof and walls on the house before the foundation is built. I know, from my experience, that I can be extremely productive once my environment is settled. So, right now, I'm focusing on settling domestic concerns and taking care of my health. Also, because I can - I'll worry about handling deadlines when I actually have them. ;-)

Not sure yet what I want to include or not in these posts, so for today, it's short and sweet, just to keep me on my program. Have a great weekend!

Original Writing:
Dirty Girl. Scene. Erotica*. 1282 words.
Best to indulge and reminisce, rather than to forego and regret.

A Gift. Flash fiction. Erotica. 305 words.
The lingerie draped her soft, feminine curves, in just the right way - revealing some, alluding more.

2012 Goals post. Essay.

Next project: Book review of Conqueror by Conn Iggulden, for Librarything.

Editing / Revising:

Catalyst: Revised and shortened Chapter 103 to completion. (Not an actual chapter number - just coding for my reference.) Forwarded to beta reader. 2,728 words.

Orcs occasionally were found in the western passages. They were few and far between, never organized, and easily dissuaded. Over the years, of course, there had been some fighting, some unfortunate deaths when a Dwarf was caught unawares, but the creatures remained a vague threat. One was more likely to fall in a river of lava, or die beneath a cavern's collapse, than to be killed by an Orc. 

Began revisions to Chapter 105. 6720 words. Material to be carried from excisions in 103, material to be removed, and material to be pushed forward. Tribal dialects to be removed and replaced.

Total Word count, as of 1/14: 133,468
Goal: 125,000 (or less)

* A note on writing erotica. Sex scenes are often the most criticized in any fiction. However, done correctly, they are able to reveal a character's truest sense of self, vulnerabilities, passions, etc. Additionally, bedroom and relationship dynamics are often a reasonable way to explore cultural and gender beliefs and nuances. Lastly, it is the use of a scene in order to evoke an emotional response from the reader. While I enjoy writing provocatively, writing short erotica pieces allows me to hone my skills of visual, emotional and physical interactions. I could probably omit mention altogether, but I am simply not that shamed by it, and these reports are as much for my own use as they might be interesting to anyone else.


  1. Why do you feel the need to explain your reasons for writing erotica?

    That's not meant to be a confrontational question, by the way. I'm genuinely curious.

  2. Good question!

    Most of what I've engaged with on the internet, with other bloggers, and in my blogging here (and the former blog), has centered around fantasy fiction.

    The pseudonym of William Wolfe is for fantasy fiction.

    It's not all that I write (which is usually the case for most authors); it's just what I write about here. Hence, the one-time explanation.

    Is it based on an assumption that fantasy readers might get the wrong impression if they discovered I also write in other genres (not normally associated with sf/f, at least not seriously)? No. I just like to cover my bases.


Thank you for your comment.