Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fantasy Trope Analysis: TBA

Note: I started this post two weeks ago, and then you know... but I read it and I liked and here we go.

While my belly isn't aching (you may say, "Quit yer bellyachin', Bill!"), I do a lot of reading and this morning, I was catching up on blogs from around the world and stuff.

Found this article which talked about writers and blogging and other social media. Nicely done post.

And the warriorwriter had a dern tootin' good idea. We should talk about more geeky stuff! (Which is essentially what they were saying, sua?)

I'm torn, in a sense, because my novel is incomplete/in draft, so I do not like being specific about what I'm doing within it. (I also happen to think that I'm being delightfully original in my handling of tropes and global cultures and I'm spiffy-tastic, and I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet.)

But, eh, WW makes a good point about writers writing to writers, which gosh darn, isn't a good way to get more (potential) fans.

I'm going to thread the needle, and find some topics that I can get excited about, which might suggest what I address in my writing, without giving too much away.

It'll be fun. Or stupid? Well, either way, I haven't seen anyone else mashing things up, and that Suvudu Cage Match was certainly interesting in its own way (or nerdgasm-ish, according to Larry).

As I said yesterday:
Any fantasy tropes you wanna kick around? Vampires vs Elves, Vikings vs Pirates vs Ninjas vs Assassins, Dragons vs Griffons, etc, etc. Yea, eventually, I'm going to cover them all, because (ha!) I write about them all. I do. It's a REALLY big world and I like to mash things together that shouldn't BE together. (They have super cool conversations!)(Okay, I'm not really planning on Vampires and Werewolves, per se, but I do have a derivative idea where I can mock.. er.. mix them up a bit.)

Aside, when I say "mash" them together, I don't mean like "Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter", I mean - put two or more things in the same room that have never been put in the same room, like I dunno, Reagan and Hitler, for instance, and watch the scene unfold.

While I'm thinking about it...
- real world history of the trope, cultural origins (I like this sort of research)
- popular character identities of the trope
- good examples, in movie, tv, or print
- horrible examples, in movie, tv or print
- why is it a trope, overused, underused, general commentary on it

Either you pick one, or I'll just start picking them at random, we'll do one and see how it goes, and semi-regularly depending on what I've got going on.

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