Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Things of Interest

I'm chewing on a new catchy feature, this thing, where uh, it is basically random internet links! I am certainly *not* the only one doing it!

But it's telling, no? We see if we like the same things? Fun, exciting, or NOT COOL YOU SUCK! I don't know. Let's try!

Okay, by way of weblog camaraderie, this blogaraderie (I am a master of language OR NOT), let's begin...

I was reading Bryce's post It's News to Me, and found this SF Signal post, which contained a link to the best vampire powerpoint presentation ever. It's a little lengthy, so wait til your lunch break. (Oh, and because I couldn't NOT look, a rendition of Steampunk Sarah Palin. The horror!)


Mead! The drink of the gods. Tis a funny thing, to write about the stuff, and to never have tried it, no? Well, now you can try to make your own, with this mead making e-book. Am I being asked to promote this? No, he probably doesn't even know I'm mentioning it; I just think it's cool.

Edited to add: Well, hell, the dude's got a video!


Getting a little buzz on Yahoo, this 2 minute Star Wars video.

The timing of this video was all the more interesting, as Lucasfilm recently announced that it would be reproducing the Star Wars saga in 3D. And yes, you aren't the only one who is horrified by a three dimensional Jar Jar.


Speaking of, scientists have discovered a new (potentially) habitable planet. Sharpen your pens, sci fi writers.

(And come up with a better name than Gliese 581g, for crimony's sake.)


In the "Why it's a miracle that humans haven't gone extinct" category, a viral video of a Ukrainian lion trainer getting chomped on.


I predict this year's hot new Halloween costume will be "Cigar Guy". Here he is, knocking out Sonny Liston...

If you haven't heard of Cigar Guy - he was standing in the background when a photographer got nailed by an errant Tiger Woods shot.


I have some actual news and publishing information to share, but I think that I will wait and put those together. My guess is that if you need to know something bad enough, you can find it. My goal here is to show you things you might have missed. (Or really, reasons to mock/praise randomly.)

Have a great day.


  1. Serves that guy bloody right (lion thing). I don't approve of this sort of thing and of taking children to it as 'entertainment', but those kids are probs all going to have lifelong lion phobias now!

    Heh might teach them not to torment things bigger than them right?

  2. The tradition of animals as forms of entertainment goes back - way back.

    I'd rather see 'rescued' animals used for educational purposes, like an interactive zoo.

    This thing with the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), we're really no better or different than the Romans from the days of the Coliseum.

    Two thousand years later? Not impressed. So, naturally, I had to share the video. ;-)


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