Friday, October 22, 2010

Water Cooler - Friday, October 22, 2010

Random bits and pieces from the speculative fiction world.

Top of the list this week: Don't purchase books from Dorchester. Yes, apparently they are not compensating their authors. Bad form! Read the story here. Good luck to those authors who are trying to get their rights and compensation straightened out.

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Geeky signage! (How can I go from serious to stupid? I do it because I can.) I like this one to attach to all my posts. You can find a ton more here on Flickr.

Edit: Apparently the picture is not inclined to show up. Lame. I'll leave you the link.


Since I reviewed a couple of series this week, I thought I'd point out another. Steven Till reviewed Pillars of the Earth.

My biggest concern going in was how they were going to fit a 900 page book into the span of eight hours. I was impressed with the amount of information they crammed into such a short time period without really losing anything. Overall, I’d give the series a A- .

I may have to give that a look.

While I'm at it, SQT's first impressions of Spartacus:BaS Season One.


UK cover art for Steven Erikson's The Crippled God, the final book of his Malazan series.

Pretty sharp cover. Suvudu provides the synopsis here.


Solaris released their 2011 publishing line up.


Tor is hosting a Pyr giveaway contest.

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count—by Saturday, October 23, leave a comment in Facebook, or reply on Twitter. The 5 winners will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on October 23rd and 24th; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.



Barnes and Noble announced they will be selling the Nook at Walmart.

The popular NOOK devices are expected to arrive on Walmart shelves beginning as soon as October 24, in advance of the holiday shopping season.

The NOOK eBook Readers will be prominently featured as the premier eBook Reader in the consumer electronics area. Many Walmart stores will feature a NOOK-branded eReading area where shoppers can see and touch a demonstration device.


Kudos to Jasper Kent's new marketing strategy: Vampires that don't sparkle.


Like multiple links in one easy to find spot? Grasping for the Wind does them daily! I envy his tenacity.

Genre Reader does a frequent "Today in Fantasy" post that is always nicely done, as well.

For an industry perspective, check out Eric's Friday Round over at Pimp My Novel.

Or Nathan Bransford's This Week in Publishing.


That's all I've got for today. What sort of news are you interested in?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ok a lot of links to cover there but I am certainly intrigued by the 'Pillars' series. Of course as with GRR Martin I may have to wait a little longer to view it here..but that gives me a chance to catch up with my fantasy reading, which i've been neglecting of late (your novel excetping of course!).

    Interesting stuff. :-)

  2. Both of our lists keep getting bigger and bigger, hmm? That series intrigues me too, but I want to familiarize myself more with the source material.

    Thanks, glad you liked it. :-)


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