Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Nemesis Worm - Guy Haley

Read my first science fiction of the year, and my first book entirely on my new Kindle. (And, it was free!)

The Nemesis Worm by Guy Haley. 2011. (Science Fiction, Male, New Author)

A standalone novella featuring the 22nd century's greatest detectives, The Nemesis Worm sees Richards & Klein involved in another high stakes investigation. Corpses are showing up all over Old London, and the finger of suspicion points right at Richards himself. Forced to clear his name, Richards and Otto uncover a fanatical group whose actions threaten the relationship between human and AI with destruction.
Unfortunately, there were some copyediting issues - but it was free, and the mistakes weren't all that glaring. I enjoyed reading something different than my normal fare - scifi AND a detective mystery. I suspect that if either genre were up your alley, this would be enough to make you want more. Technically, this was a standalone, but there's some worldbuilding elements and some character nuances that begged explanation.

This wasn't bad at all. The novella length didn't allow for the character development that I would have preferred. This felt more like a teaser to whet the reader's appetite for Reality 36which also came out last year. 

Any of you read it or anything else by Guy Haley? What did you think?

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