Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on Borgias, Thrones

Since my last television post was a bit rant-o-rrific, I'll keep this brief. If there's any specifics you'd like to discuss, we can do so in the comments.

The Borgias, Finale - Showtime.

First and foremost, all those promotional clips featuring soldiers and bloodshed were pretty darn misleading. Annoyingly so.

Here it comes! The big battle!!

Oh wait. Next episode. No, wait. Next season. No, really. We promise?


However, let's be positive! Loved the finale. Holliday Grainger continues to amaze and astound with her acting range (the girl can scream, wow!). We see the more subtle and conniving Pope defeat the French through intellect and cunning. Jeremy Irons is much more suited to this.
Cesare' gives us a glimmer of the risk taker he was in the beginning of the season. And Juan, forever useless, shows up to stand around while the French army is camped outside of Rome.

I was wondering where they were going to go with the story, seeing as the promo videos seemed to indicate WAR (you naughty liars), but the resolution was not only convincing, but necessary.

A few more thoughts, but ... eh. Truly, why are "seasons" so bloody short?

A Game of Thrones - HBO

For those who are new to the series, it should be obvious anyway: It's ALL running downhill, at breakneck speed, from here.

Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon - this is solid, perfect, wonderful. Ned's added assertion? Yes, let's see "Winter is Coming" Stark! The man who rules the north, as Hand of the King.

Oh, Cersei, and her badge of honor? Without her brother (who has skipped town)? Enter Tywin Lannister. Lions and Wolves are just beginning to ... it's not looking good for mending fences. Fantastic scenes, there.

The story will push forward now. Episode 7, some of you have seen on HBOGO. NOT the one to watch for. It's Episode 8, the one directed by Martin himself (as I understand).

I am noticing one sad little trend. Where are the Direwolves?

The scene with Bran, Robb, Theon and (new character) Osha played by Natalia Tena? Great! Excellent! Why would Bran leave the company of his brother? To go search for Summer, his wolf. Who would summarily chew up and eat one of the wildings.

The lack of direwolves is going to be an issue for story continuity. The direwolves are pivotal in this series, they are reflections of the Starks. Especially for Bran, because of his physical condition.
Troubled indeed, dear Arya.

Everything else is fine. Fun. Exciting. The way I've imagined it in all my readings. Not sure of the scene between Theon and Ros, but it was a small thing. And nudity to facilitate exposition.

Tyrion's fight for freedom. Bronn, his new accomplice. Mord! Some variation from the book, (turtle stew, ha ha), but not enough to matter. What's relevant here is the new, tentative alliance between Tyrion and Bronn. In terms of character development - what do you think Tyrion will do, with his newly found freedom? Keep an eye on the little man.

In all of this so far, I suspect that Catelyn is not gaining friends at this point, but - without saying too much - I didn't care for her too much at this point in the book, either. Don't give up on her just yet.

The crowning moment of this episode was the beautiful uh... crowning... of Viserys Targaryen. Anyone that annoying must needs die. That is why I love GRRM.

Hat's off to you, Harry Lloyd. You absolutely sold the creepy little horror that was Viserys. There's a great interview with him here. And now, Dany is free to soar!

(Even with the blatant foreshadowing, I think the first time viewers are going to go apesh*t over Dany before the end of this season.)

Episode Six was a large improvement in maintaining the story's integrity while providing visual stimulation and the certain simplicity required for visual media. Yes, you'd get more depth and understanding if you read the books.

But, frankly, it'll be pretty hard to mess things up from here. Buckle your seatbelts, the rest of the season is going to be a helluva ride. I can't wait!

Aside, Winter is Coming does a Twitter recap each week. I was booming laughter reading some of the responses and commentary. Check it out for yourself, you won't be sorry.


  1. Well..... the finale of The Borgas was a little underwhelming for me .... I actually didn't even remember it was the finale until the end....it was a decent episode..... I love Lucretia... and the French King Charles even if his accent is a little hard to understand-that makes him more intriguing to me...Amazing that one so pious and God fearing can be so cruel in battle.
    I agree, the seasons are way too short.... just when you get into the story, it's over....

    The Game of Thrones has definitely hooked me! This whole episode kept me cringing and on the edge of my seat!
    You just knew Viserys was not getting a real crown and it wasn't going to be pretty... I had to look between fingers as my hands covered my face. Dany has really taken on the role of a tribal queen with her whole being... fearless :) She's great!
    I didn't really care for Catelyn in the book nor here from the beginning... and even more so when she so quickly finds Tyrion guilty ... I just adore Him..
    anyway... without just going on and on.. this episode was awesome! I'm still reading the book.. so anxious to see what happens as i keep reading

  2. I see what your'e saying about the Borgias, but I still rather liked it. If Borgias is anything like the Tudors, then the seasons are only going to get better.

    Harry Lloyd really sold the crowning scene, and so did Emilia Clarke. I wasn't sure how they were going to transition for what comes next, but clearly Dany has grown into her role as khaleesi. In the books it happens more subtly, but I guess it's fair to suggest that different medias have different requirements to get the same message across.

    GoT, from here on out, is simply going to steam roll. Mark my words, the rest of the season will blow your mind. ;-)

    Thanks for the comment, Songbird.


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