Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heard at the Water Cooler

Oye. Grab a coffee for this one.

I've been in "research mode" since the Crohn's let up. I tend to read non-fiction much slower than fiction (absorption factor), and it tends to take me out of the creative writing frame of mind; hence, no writing updates lately. I am moving at the end of the month; my mother is coming to visit a week later, and Raine is coming to visit immediately after that - so I might be a little quiet over here.

Be that as it may, I have overheard some interesting things, so I thought I'd share.

FANFIC - Big buzz this past week. I even wrote a post about it. It was more of a rant, and I think that I'll pass on ranting at you just yet on this blog.

I will summarize my thoughts as so: I have been at least a decade in creating characters and lands, they are very much alive in my head, I am very much emotionally invested in the concepts and as such I am extremely protective of them.

As a writer, I would prefer to inspire you to do your own, as I was inspired. The thought that someone else thinks they could write my characters, or my universe, better than me - well, it's not flattering to me. At worst, if it's not flat out plagiarism, it is insulting.


Book Porn - I've been buying antique books on a whim these past 6 weeks, while picking up some inexpensive paperbacks to add to my library. Anyone interested in seeing those finds? Just curious.

And yes, Raine, I know your thoughts on this. ;-)


Ewok Karaoke. My last little holdover from Star Wars Day last week.

Missed Star Wars? Here's the fastest version ever told.


Orbit Books and Marjorie M Liu.

Over the next three months, Orbit will be releasing the entire Hunter Kiss series, starting with The Iron Hunt. To celebrate, I’ve been asked to do a series of video “Bookcasts” about the novels, and what it was like writing them.

Say! That's pretty cool. I must say, Liu is .. uh, she's kinda hot. And the Great Wall of China? Double sexy cool points in my book.


Wait, there's more! Do you think that kids might find reading more interesting, if there were more toys like this?

Full article on

I. Love. It.


Interesting news from Cherie Priest:

Likewise, this winter — namely the end of January, 2011 — you can also expect my debut foray into urban fantasy – Bloodshot. You may recall me recording my progress here, calling it my “fabulous urban fantasy adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! Cuban drag queen and military intrigue.”

Apparently this cover is an anomaly because it doesn't feature a "demonic tramp stamp." (I like 'em, but I'm a man. This cover is still pretty sharp, though.) Read the rest here.


I wasn't cool enough to warrant an official press release. (Now look. I like my anonymity. This is the stuff we get to joke about when I get published and so forth. Indulge me.)

However, a couple years ago, I was introduced to Pat's Fantasy Hotlist through George R.R. Martin's blog. He's there on the blogroll, so if you watch those (do you?), you'll see the announcement in multiple locations.

Anyway, Pat has been working for some time on editing an anthology. It's finally all set. Most importantly, a portion of the proceeds will benefit breast cancer research, so I am inclined to make sure you know about it.


Let's see. There's a blog meme floating about (I'll pass on this one).

Some new cover art (should see the latest Vincent Chong, wow).

Adrian Tchaikovsky doesn't believe in Superman. (Great post.)

Tyra Banks is going to write a novel.

Tad Williams finished his 4th book (last in the current series). I just picked up one of his books, will be reading that soon.

Angry Robot label was purchased by Osprey in the UK.

Conan is on TBS (old news) and visited Google (funny as hell).

Some folks are trying to raise money to save Legend of the Seeker.

N.K. Jemisin at Wiscon 2010.

Exclusive interview with recent Arthur Clarke award winner China Mieville has people talking (he's going to do a space opera).

Happy Belated Birthday, Sam Sykes.

Last, but not least, Rest in Peace Frank Frazetta.


  1. Bronte Sisters, power up! LMGDAO.

  2. Choking on my coffee here! Jeeeeeez Go EWOKS!! Ha! Theres a Chewie noise and everything!!! I love you!

    As for the power doll Bronte sisters..uh I dont know whether to laugh or be slightly afraid.....

    In addition, I have no earthly idea who those two women at the beginning of your blog are and categorically state I have never watched any of their shows.

    And yes I like the book porn, best check your shelves before I leave...and also what they are wrapped up in...i'll give you a clue..its red.....

    :-) (thats an innocent smiley)

  3. Luna: Yea, that was a pretty kickass commercial. I won't be surprised if they actually come out with the toy.

    Raine: I couldn't resist the urge to post the Ewok karaoke any longer.

    (innocent face) Oh, I think that's Xena and some other chick. You've never seen it, huh?

    Oye, I'm setting aside some nice books for you, no threatening the hoodie!


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