Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May the Fourth Be with You.

So in case you didn't know it, May 4th is (was) Star Wars Day.

Seriously! I figured it would be all over the web, so I didn't bother posting about it.

Check out this story on ABC News, which noted...

German news TV channel N24 mistranslated George Lucas in an 2005 interview, interpreting his famous line, "May the Force be with you," as "Am 4. Mai sind wir bei Ihnen" (We are with you on May 4). Thus a holiday was born.

Maybe it's just old "duh" news. After all, there is a Wikipedia page.

Anyway, along those lines - wouldn't your GPS be so awesome, incredible and geekworthy, if it had Darth Vader's voice?

Hell yes! Check it out:

P.S. If you're up late tonight (or super early tomorrow), have a wish ready. Falling stars, Aquarid meteors, what's the difference, eh? ;-)


  1. Ha I love Star Wars (4, 5 and 6, naturally, the others can kiss my lily white ass). Princess Leia in a gold bikini?...hell yea! I had a friend once who had a different mobile ringtone for friends and family and work colleagues, depending on which catgory they fell into. The only one who had his own was his dad who got the Imperial Death March, which tickled me no end :-)

    I got a wish...don't think I can post it in public though...:-D

  2. Ha, the original Star Wars came out before your born ya know. :-p

    Imperial Death March would be pretty funny for a ring tone.

    I was actually up late enough to catch the storm, but of course, my window was facing the wrong way.

  3. Star Wars is a lot of fun. I personally can not wait until the originals are remastered in HD for Blu-Ray. It is amazing how these movies which came out years ago have endured and even now has a large and recognizable fan base.

    I have yet to read much of the Star Wars fiction out there. I heard that the books written by Timothy Zahn were good, and that Karen Traviss has written some good books as well. I think it's great that the mythology and setting can be explored even more, although I hated the midichlorians explanation for the Force. It was much better off as explained by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original trilogy.

  4. Hey Brian. I haven't read any Star Wars fiction either although I believe my brother in law has some, maybe I will borrow one or two.
    I seem to remember an interview when the new films were out where Lucas said he would have made the original ones like that if he'd had the technology at the time...all I can say is thank goodness he didn't! I think the fact he had to focus more on the story and characters made all the difference, everything was better despite the lack of CGI and suchlike. Sometime I think these film directors don't realise CGI only takes you so far.

    Makes me think of a series we have here called 'Spaced' where one of the characters gets fired for refusing to sell a Jar Jar Binks doll to a 10 year old - "The Phantom Menace was 18 months ago Tim!"....."I know Billbo but it still hurts!!!!!!"

    lol, my thoughts entirely!


  5. Hello there, Raine. I think most everyone can agree with your assessment that the original movies are superior to the prequel trilogy. What makes it sad is that you can see that the potential was there for the movies to be fantastic. The the majority of the actors chosen for the prequel movies (Liam Neeson, Ewan MacGregor, Sir Christopher Lee, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson) are talented, but were put into a corner by the script. I am a huge advocate for technological advancements, but the focus on CGI instead of the plotting and characters seems to be ill-conceived in hindsight.

    I have not seen Spaced yet. I have heard it's brilliant though. I really enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and Simon Pegg's portrayal of Scotty in the recent Star Trek reboot. I will have to check it out soon.

    I know you're not much of a gamer, but the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games to me captured the feeling of the original trilogy while delivering a compelling and rich storyline. I highly recommend them if you ever have the opportunity.


  6. Ahh I am familiar with Knights of the Old Republic, my brother in law was a massive fan of it some time ago, I might ask him if I can borrow it.

    Spaced is very off the wall, me and my best friend love it so much we annoyingly quote it at each other all the time, but it takes a few watches to 'get' the humour. I hated it the first time I saw it and I showed Bill an episode last time I was in America in which I was cracking up laughing and he was looking at me like I was slightly mad. Give it a few watches though and I gaurantee you will find it hilarious, i'm planning on working on Bill with it again next time I go out there (he only just found that out here mind loooool).

    I agree with you the potential was there, the actors they had were of great quality and shamefully underused, I remember seeing an interview with Ewan McGregor and you could see the disappointment in him that he found it all so tedious, since most of what he did was just wooden dialogue etc on a blue screen. Since he is a massive Star Wars fan it must have hurt...random Star Wars fact..Ewan McGregors uncle played 'Wedge' in the original trilogy...hence his long standing love of the movies.

    And now I have totally geeked out these pages I shall move on to an actual review later today!!!!



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