Friday, May 28, 2010

Marjorie M Liu Bookcast 2

Live, (okay, so it was edited) from the Great Wall of China. That's just too cool for words. When I grow up and get published, I want to do this - standing in the middle of the mountains with my giant skull axe. (I haven't shown you that, have I? Future post!)

(This is where I omit my looming crush on the author. Shh.)

The rest of the article is here.

Editorial: I realize that many people attend book signings and events and such, in order to meet their favorite artists, etc. That's all good.

But this notion of a bookcast, particularly if the author is even remotely charismatic on video (as Liu), can generate an interest. Interviews are not usually video'd, for starters (except late night TV or Oprah, and this genre does not oft appear on the Daily Show, etc.). Secondly, there's this sense of candor, of sincerity, in simply talking about the book, in an inspiring locale, that can potentially connect an author to new readers, and engage previous readers.

Maybe I'm just a new kid on the genre block and all that, but I find this brilliantly clever. I wish more were being done - at the same time, I applaud Orbit for their ingenuity.


  1. Loved this.

    Giant skull axe, you say? LOL

  2. Yessss. Unfortunately, the only photos I have with me holding it are all, uh, bare-chested and barbaric. Fun in some contexts, not necessarily appropriate here.

    I shall have to reshoot the beastly axe after I get moved this weekend. ;-)

  3. Ah yes the axe. It is not appropriate for me to make any more comments regarding that here methinks other than very niiiiiice.



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